Vision to Action workshops by Relife empower individuals to bridge their personal visions with actionable steps, fostering transformative journeys. As an artist, I led a segment of a 5-day retreat, conducting an art workshop that enriched participants' exploration of self-discovery and purpose. 


A 24 hour Drop, Dec 3rd 2023 7AM - Dec 4th 7AM (CET) where 70% of all profits were donated to WIZO & ICF
The Edition is a collection of limited, lithographic printed (Ink), then individually hand crafted (acrylic) artworks. At IDEM in Paris where Picasso, Miro and Chagall once created, I worked with machines dating back to 1881. The Lithography process I use is one of the most complicated but unique ways of creation, emphasising the editions relevance. Watch video below for more information.

- Orders must have been placed online in the limited timeframe of 24 hours, starting Dec 3rd 7AM - Dec 4th 7AM
- Signed, numbered and with authenticity certificate
- Each artwork looks different and is therefore unique
- BFK Rives 250g Paper with Hand deckled edges
- 70% of all profits are donated to WIZO & ICF
- Editions dimension 55,4 x 35,6 cm (21.8 x 14.1 inch)
- Option of a high quality frame, glass

HOPE Edition Feature, 03 Dec. 23  - Issue 


Gallery Outletcity Metzingen, Vernissage

Honoured to announce my participation in the Vernissage of @plattform11x @outletcity_metzingen. The exhibition celebrated its grand opening on the 08th of September and will continue until the 21st of October - a colorful exhibit showcasing fine art. 


Painting for the Synagogue of Arts

It was a pleasure to co-host this years Shapers Dinner in NYC and create a painting in the Synagogue of Arts. Alongside an incredible group of carefully chosen friends from the realms of entrepreneurship, artistry, creativity, community building, and city shaping we were able to give this holy place the recognition it deserves. Over the past three days, I immersed myself in the synagogue, capturing its essence and energy. The artwork, which is now exhibited, serves as a testament for art and spirituality.

The painting is currently exhibited in the Synagogue of Arts in Tribeca, New York.
photographer : Ola Wilk


In celebration of the annual summer event of EO Germany Southwest, hosted at one of the members impressive locations, I was invited to create a live painting to capture the events incredible atmosphere and energy. The painting has found its rightful place within the enchanting castle, where it will remain. Online Article :


Together with the Artist Evelyn S. we created three paintings for the Vernissage, Gekaufte Liebe.

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