Acryl and structure paste on canvas (140x100cm) 

In "A Blind Eye," shades of rose envelop an abstract face, with a bold stroke obscuring the eyes. This piece delves into a deeper understanding beyond visual perception. 

By relinquishing the reliance on sight, we are compelled to delve into the realm of intuition, empathy, and introspection. "A Blind Eye" serves as a reminder that true understanding often transcends the limitations of vision, urging us to embrace the richness of emotion.


Acryl and structure paste on canvas (70x50cm & 70x50cm)  SOLD

"A Bond" is a mesmerizing painting that emphasizes the power of connection and unity.

It is divided into two distinct parts, yet they are brought together by a series of vibrant brush strokes. As you gaze upon the painting, you will be drawn into the sense of harmony and togetherness.

The concept of "Tikkun Olam" emphasizes this interconnectedness of all living beings and the responsibility we share to make the world a better place. It inspires us to strive towards creating a world where compassion, kindness, and love prevail."A Bond" encourages to celebrate similarities and embrace our differences as every action we take in life has a ripple effect on the world around us.


Acryl on Canvas (100x70cm)

In the heart of this painting, you'll find the essence of a summer brought to life.

The canvas, textured with generous amounts of structure paste, creates a dimension that makes you run your fingers over the canvas and touch the scene - a tangible reminder of the textures and sensations.

Dominated by an array of blues, this artwork captures the very soul of a summer. Shades swirl and meld together, creating a dreamscape of sea and sky, where it's impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. These blues are not just colors but an embodiment of freshness, reminiscent of the cool embrace of Aegean Sea.

"Mediterranean Dreamscape" is a visual journey that transports you to a place where the allure of the coastline is forever captured, you can almost hear the gentle lapping of waves against a rocky shore and feeling a warm breeze carrying the scent of olive trees and bougainvillea.

This painting is exhibited at Outletcity Metzingen's Gallery (2023)


Acryl and structure paste on canvas (160x120cm) SOLD

To Life captures the essence of our life's beauty and preciousness. It reminds us to celebrate every moment, to cherish our connections with others, and to embrace gratitude and generosity. Saying L'Chaim in plural makes its meaning even more remarkable as its beauty only reverberates when it is shared with others.

The vibrant colors and diverse array of elements in the painting represent the full spectrum of emotions and experiences that make life as rich and meaningful.

Let us raise a glass and toast to the colorful tapestry of life and the people who make it worth living - L'Chaim.


Acryl on Canvas (140x160cm) SOLD

"Roses and Riddles," shows a gentle backdrop of light rose and sets the stage for two radiant, rainbow-like lines bursting with vibrant colors.

This artwork illustrates the idea that love is as diverse and captivating as the colors of the rainbow. Each love story, like a unique riddle, unfolds with its own rules and mysteries, making it a mesmerizing and endlessly varied experience.

This painting is exhibited at Outletcity Metzingen's Gallery (2023)


Acryl and structure paste on canvas (120x120cm) SOLD

Breaking out of old habits and turning yourself towards something new - being exposed to obstacles that make decision making tough.

A composition of ease and upward swings, symbolic of breaking out and striving towards making the best choices in life. Despite highs and lows, we sometimes need courage to break free from old habits and allow ourselves to be open for new beginnings.

The evenly distributed color and structure paste symbolises liveliness and makes courage for change.

Only sometimes we think it could have been easier to split the sea than to make that one decision that takes courage and creates space for new beginnings.

This painting was cocreated with Artist Evelyn S.


Acryl on Canvas (140x160cm) SOLD

"Captivating Charms" is a reflection of a mesmerizing charm someone can hold over you.

The deep, dark brown background sets the stage for a narrative that is as much about emotions as it is about colors. It represents an irresistible force you can't resist.

The explosion of colors – the oranges, reds, yellows, and blues – mirrors the complex nature of human connection. This person's charisma can light you up. The oranges symbolize their enthusiasm and love for life, while the reds evoke the passion they ignite within you. Yellows speak of the happiness they bring, and the blues hint at the depth of emotions you experience in their presence.

It's a testament to the enchantment that exists when you're captivated by someone's charms, and it serves as a visual love letter to the beauty they bring to your world.

This painting is exhibited at Outletcity Metzingen's Gallery (2023)


Acryl on canvas (120x140) SOLD 

Between fate and self-determination - What guides us?

Are we the true architect of our own happiness? Is happiness a solid mass that can only be pressed into the right shape through effort and sweat? Or do we sometimes get lucky and are the recipients of cosmic serendipitous happiness? Through a "chance" encounter that completely rearranges our lives, so that there is no other way we would have followed this route, to let oneself fall, to drift, to engage in the unexpected.

A dialogue between horizontal bars and air brush technique on our paths in life, this painting is intended to show energies which complement each other and make life worth living.

In which area have I become too stiff, which ones are too loose? What is it I should catch up on? Am I going in the right direction? Awareness of these forces provides us with deeper meaning.

The ambivalence in this painting is explained on three levels -

Body - representation of a spine that gives us the stability to stand and walk upright, yet leaves enough room for movement through the vertebrae.

Religion - right side, upper section of the painting: a Hasid with Streimel. Religious symbolism, which gives a framework; creates values and principles. Faith does not mean certainty, but rather the determination and courage to live without evidence thereof. To throw oneself into life without alternatives and to be open for detours in life.

Symmetry - the painting ends with two semi horizontal bars, which summarize the two energies that surround us and coexist equally. Determinism, whereby we are not the masters of our choices vs our ability to forge our own destiny.

This painting is currently showcased in Düsseldorf, Königsallee at B1 Medical (2022)

This painting was cocreated with Artist Evelyn S.


Acryl on Canvas (180x135) 

As you gaze upon the painting, you see the strong and guided stroke, symbolic of the deliberate steps one takes during the introspective journey. The colors, harmoniously blended, create a comforting embrace that envelops the viewer, inviting them to embark on their own personal pilgrimage of repentance and reflection.

In this artistic portrayal, the combination of upward movement and spontaneous splashes not only captures the essence of Yom Kippur but also serves as a metaphor for the complexities inherent in the human experience of seeking forgiveness and self-discovery.


Acryl on canvas (100x160cm) SOLD

Blue stands for loyalty, honesty and composure - qualities that should accompany, influence and come out in every decision and actions we take. A symbiosis of variously arranged lines and curves opens the dialogue of the extent to which reason and emotion can play off against each other and the importance of not neglecting one's values. From this perspective a new understanding about one's own state of mind opens up.

Emergence is slow and steady, with the knowledge that we are improving and working on ourselves, and identify the hard decisions that we must make in order to grow. We are getting better and striving. We are getting fitter and sharper.It is the process of emerging, blossoming.

And regardless of how much darkness may emerge from the unexpected, we may never neglect the blue color in our life.

This painting was cocreated with Artist Evelyn S.


Acryl and structure paste on canvas (140x120cm) SOLD

Growth portrays a powerful reintertretation of the painting EMERGENCE.


Acryl on canvas (60x50cm) SOLD

The dynamic interplay of colors and shapes creates a vivid explosion of energy that extends from the inside. The soft pink background provides a strong contrast to the radiant colors - some matte, some shiny, creating a fascinating interplay of light and texture.

Similarly, in life, we often feel pulled in different directions, seeking different needs at once. Why do people desire love but fear commitment, crave attention but feel overwhelmed by too much of it?

Yet, true love is about giving without expectations - no ulterior motives or incentives. It is a selfless act of generosity that comes from the inside. As Von Innen expresses a burst of creative energy from within, so too can love and compassion flow freely when we open ourselves up and allow our true selves to shine through.

This painting was exhibited at NotAGallery

The painting was cocreated with Artist Evelyn S.

Vernissage "Gekaufte Liebe"

Berlin, (2022)


Acryl and structure paste on canvas (80x60cm) SOLD 

Blue stands for prudence, competence and calmness. It is often associated with masculinity while white symbolizes purity, eternity and innocence.

This work addresses the purity of a woman measured by her sexual behavior and experience. This double standard is reflected in the painting's exploration of the ambivalence surrounding female sexuality and the pressures that women face to conform to standards of purity and innocence.

It is not about creating a lazy male enemy image, as we are allowed to learn from countless fabulous men every day and rejoice in their influence. It merely highlights the fact that some are willing to buy "innocence."

Meeting female needs does not make women dirtier, at least not dirtier than men.

This painting was exhibited at NotAGallery

The painting was cocreated with Artist Evelyn S.

Vernissage "Gekaufte Liebe"

Berlin, (2022)

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