Berlin. There are some moments in life that jolt your senses and bring you to a place of self reflection. Growing up traditional, as a secular russian-speaking, ukranian Jew in Germany was one of them. 

After my graduation, I participated in a highly selective program run by the Ronald Lauder Foundation in New York City. Mr. Lauder is an intellectual, philanthropist and art collector and someone who made me realise that this world is nothing but a great opportunity to take.

So, I took. And as I took, I wanted to give. I co-founded two family centres in east and west Berlin based on the learnings and experiences I was privileged to get. I dove deep into my family's history and my lineage became clearer as I always felt home in various parts of the world. Being Jewish in the diaspora means never fully belonging, struggling for answers, and yet always intertwined with my surroundings. I understood its all perspective. It is a shared history, we are defined by as much as by our past, our present and also regarding our future.

My art is the bridge between me and my innermost feelings. It is the balancing act between a modern lifestyle and traditional understandings. 

The connection to my own roots makes me process my fears, thoughts and inspirations. It gives me purpose and I create a deeper understanding to how I connect with the world.


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